Artists coming from different disciplines will imagine and create walking trajectories in which the public is invited to (re)discover the Park. The walks will be developed around 3 central themes: ‘encounter and bonding’, ‘urban network’ and ‘daylight, twilight and darkness’ to raise awareness to peoples desires for the public space: What does the Park mean for them, in which way do they use the space, who do they want to meet there, …
Parc de Forest
The ‘Parc de Forest’ is situated on the border of Forest and Saint-Gilles. For the inhabitants of the two municipalities, it is a central, accessible and open space. The great and green hilly surfaces characterize the atmosphere and use of the Parc. 130 years ago, the Belgian King Leopold II decided for the layout of the Park. Today it has still the greatness of those days, but one feels also its lost glory. Some parts and buildings are desolate and renovation works will start soon.
Room for experiment
The open character of the ‘Parc de Forest’, together with the period of transition before the renovation works, create space to appropriate and to experiment. For example, the parents create a playground with a bar, the lawn changes in foodball pitches, young people build a shelter with branches, jugglers and musicians turn it in their rehearsel space and picknick tables change in little shops with all the necessary products for a successful afternoon in the parc.
The ‘Incroyable Téléphérique’ makes use of this possibility for experiment to nourish the imagination of the Park users.. The ‘Téléphérique’ is challenging the public to (re)discover the park and to think about alternative ways to use it. This project wants to raise questions as: What does the Park mean for its visitors? In which way do they use the space? Who do they want to meet there? etc.
The ‘Incroyable Téléphérique’
The ‘Incroyable Téléphérique’ is making the connection between the Park and the surrounding city, stimulating the public to exceed certain boundaries and to discover the Park together with others. The walks are created around the following themes: