an experimental documentary by
Florence Aigner and Laurent Van Lancker

36 min.- 4/3
Beta Digital

Polyphony of tales by migrants who returned to their homeland after having spent many years abroad. Whether they are Vietnamese, Indian, Syrian, Iranian, Chinese, Pakistani, academics, contract workers, political refugees, businessmen, or students, ... they confront us with humour and critical distance on the complexity of migration and returning home.

This experimental documentary avoids showing 'talking heads', but proposes a subtle and sensorial form, which gives a soul to filmic black. Voices and soundscapes lead the narrative structure. Starting from quasi darkness this film evolves through experimentations on film reel to traces of travels and material culture. The outcome evokes the reminiscences of personal impressions and the vestiges of different cultures that still inhabit the protagonists’ memories.

Directed by Florence Aigner & Laurent Van Lancker
Edited by Rudi Maerten
Images Florence Aigner, Sebastien Koeppel & Laurent Van Lancker
Sound Christian Coppin & Laszlo Umbreit
Production Polymorfilms
in co-production with Atelier Graphoui
supported by the Flemish Film Fund - VAF